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asiagb ads - Review – Domain, Hosting, WordPress and More
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In today’s world,
having an online presence is pivotal in reaching out to a wider audience.
Whether you want to create an e-commerce platform, a website to hold your
company’s information, or simply open your own blog, an online presence is

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However, before you
being to brainstorm the content and visuals you are going to put on your web
pages, you need first to get yourself a domain name. You then have to host the
domain and then check if you require WordPress integration (in case you are
aiming to publish a lot of content).

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We noticed that there
are lot of portals that offer you this service but today, the one that we will
be looking at is

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Design and usability

We are suckers for
good webpage designs and that is something you will notice at namecheap. As
soon as you open the website, a crisp and colorful interface greets you.
However, the entire page is kept as clean as possible.

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Visuals are easy to
catch and friendly to the eye. The colors chosen for the website is comfortable
and does not cause undue strain. The content is easily readable and nothing
bombards you with too much info.

The website mostly
uses shades of gray for their text with a splash of orange (based on their
logo) to throw in to emphasize important points or highlight hyperlinks. With
this contrast in text colors (where the gray is more muted and the orange is
bold), you will easily be able to locate a link, should you want to skip the

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The website provides
easy navigation, allowing you to go to a section as soon as you enter the main
. Of course, if you do end
up scrolling all the way down, you can still find those sections at the bottom
of the page. This is especially convenient for those who end up reviewing the
content on the page in detail. Once done, they do not have to scroll all the
way up again.

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As with all domain
name websites, the most important factor is to provide a search bar as soon as
you open the website.

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Namecheap has done
that with one added benefit. They have placed the search bar on a visual
background that uses dark shades of blue, allowing your eyes to discover it easily.


There are numerous
call-to-actions provided on the website. However, it does it tactfully. You
will notice special promotions displayed right above the search bar, enticing
you to click-through for more information. This takes you to a separate page
with more details on the promotion.

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Proper phrases are
hyperlinked, giving you just the right kind of information with the right
amount of enticement. They do not try to outsell anything; merely state the
benefits they provide.

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Additional resources

We especially loved
the fact that the website gives you more information. It wants you to stay
informed and make right choices, and that shows the respect they have for the

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You have the Resource Center, where you
can discover a myriad of useful topics related to SEO, web designing, wen
content, and so much more.

In case you want to
look at all the materials available for a specific topic, simply navigate to Knowledgebase and enter
your query in the search bar provided. It will collate all the articles, blog
prices, and other info pertaining to your query.

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Finally, their blog is a treasure trove of personal opinions and
feedback. From the few reads that we have gone through, these guys know their

Final thoughts

This web page is easy
to navigate, beautiful, and is truly user friendly. We also liked the fact that
they allow you to check prices in currencies such as the Chinese Yuan and
Indian Rupees. It just goes to show that they know their audience and want to
reach out to them as much as possible.

asiagb ads - Review – Domain, Hosting, WordPress and More

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