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HawkHost Review – High Quality Hosting on affordable prices

HawkHost has been one of the oldest websites to start selling hosting services, and still remains relevant today.

They proudly show in their main page that they got started in the business around 2004, and I instantly doubted of it, as it seems very unlikely for a hosting website to function for so many years since it’s release. 
So I manually checked if this was true using the Internet Archives website, to find that it is completely true. You can check this by yourself as well here:


From a beginning, we know this is a great website just for surviving so many years in this constantly updating business.

HawkHost offers a great variety of different services, going from:

– Web Hosting:
* Shared Web Hosting
* Semi-Dedicated Hosting
* Re-seller Web Hosting

– Cloud:
* Cloud Web Hosting
* Cloud Servers

– Domains:
* Register New Domain
* Transfer your current Domain

-VPS Servers

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As you can see, one of the main reasons they have been so many years in the business is clearly their variations in their services in order to fit every customer needs as much as they can.
Another important reason i can find checking some of their services is that their prices are fairly good and highly competent.
They are also giving us many more benefits, for example, our service is scalable, that means if we want to improve our services in the future we can do it without making all the initial set up again.
The use of the high end, powerful hardware ensures customers get super fast speeds, plus they are using SSD for all of their services which is always a huge bonus in speed.
HawkHost claims that if you use their cloud services, your information will be safe and secure. This is because they use storage mediums to keep your data safe in case there is any hardware failures, which no matter the company, will happen at some point.
In addition to all of this, their website honestly looks very clean and has a beautiful design, which is a good way to show their hard work from a first perspective.
When it comes to security, they are also giving us for free the CloudFlare protection on Cloud servers to ensure high level DDoS protection.
Taking a look at their Contact page, there are multiple ways of reaching support, for example you can simply write them a message from their contact form and they will reply back to your email.Also there is even a forum and a knowledge base for users to find answers to any of their questions.
The fact that they are accepting BTC (Bitcoin) and BCash (Bitcoin Cash) is truly great because this means the users are more secure since these cryptocurrencies are decentralized and even if theyare not entirely anonymous, they gain a huge improvement on security and privacy using cryptocurrencies as a payment method.
According to their website you also get a 30 money back guarantee, support available at any hour of the day, a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the guarantee that they have been working on this for so many years to the point that they must know exactly what you are looking for with only one or two questions.
For web hosting we have the 1-click application installer to quickly deploy whatever we need to build or new site, whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Magento… etc.
Their user satisfaction shows more than 180 positive mentions while only 4 negative mentions. This proves the quality of their services completely.

HawkHost seems to be one of the best hosting options currently available regarding all of these benefits, but is there any cons?
Yes, but hopefully they are not severe in any of the cases.
We are not allowed to install a Windows type of server, and only Linux distributions are allowed such as Cent-OS, Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora. However, at least all of these operating systems are free to use which means we will see reduced prices compared to Windows servers.
Their prices are competent in general, but there are some exceptions, for example, a Cloud server with 8 GB of RAM is costing us here $40 a month, while in some other places you can find this cheaper.
Their bandwidth is limited in their servers and it goes up in higher budgets but it will still be limited to, in the case of Cloud servers, a maximum of 5 TB Bandwidth, which we can consume fairly fast if we do a lot of network activities with programs.

Even with all these cons, the pros are still outstanding and we highly recommend using HawkHost!

asiagb ads - HawkHost - A Web Hosting that accepts BTC and BCash

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