VULTR is among the leading providers of cloud computing solutions

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Upon landing on the homepage of the website, you can tell at-first-glance what VULTUR does and the products you can get from them.  In fact, you might not have to go past the home page to find what you need.

Appealing and clean design

Overall, this site has an attractive look, thanks to its easy but very layout. It’s clean, with no interruptive ads. Even an average person with minimal or no technical background would certainly appreciate its simplicity and cleanliness. It has just a few colors that blend very well and the fonts bring out the correct weight of the respective texts. As such, finding what you want on the site is pretty easy.   


It’s very easy to navigate this site since its design is simple and all necessary information is within an easy-to-find tab or a link on each page. The information about some subjects is subdivided into different categories to help users get the specific details they need. For instance, under  Company, you can click on About Us to know about the establishment and the development of VULTUR company, Our Team to see the company’s staff and Contact to see how you can communicate to the company, among other links with specific information about the company. The information about pricing, features and resources are subdivided as well. You can easily switch from one page to another irrespective of these categories as all the links for contacts, pricing, features and resources are displayed at the bottom of every page. Besides, the site’s pages load very fast and this also contributes significantly to its easy navigation.

Mobile responsiveness

This website is accessible through desktops, tablets, mini tablets and mobile phones. I have personally accessed it through my desktop, tablet and smartphone and it doesn’t only look great on each of the devices but also easy to navigate and its pages load quickly. Therefore, even if you don’t have a laptop or a desktop, you can place an order or get the information you need from the site hassle-free using your smartphone.

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Purchase ease

Purchasing products from Vultur is a breeze. At the top of each page, there’s a tab named pricing. When you click on it, you’ll see an array of products with their respective features and prices. Click on the product (and the plan) you want and you’ll be prompted to create an account. You’ll be required to enter your billing information and the price of the product you want, among other a few basic details and you are done. As simple as that!

A slight concern

However, I have a little concern with the homepage. There are three fields where users are invited to create an account with VULTUR.  I think the second one would have been better if tweaked a bit with different words but serve the same purpose (signing up new users). Perhaps the fields with “Email   Address”   and  “Password” would have been better if merged to form a single field with “ What type of product are you interested in?” and then “Create Account” button as it is.  While creating an account, users will have to submit personal details like email addresses and passwords. So I think having the   “Email   Address”   and “Password” fields in the middle of the home page is repetition, also considering that the bottom of the page features the same as well.

Final words

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On a scale of 10, we’d give this website 9.8. It’s simple but very efficient. 

asiagb ads - VULTR is among the leading providers of cloud computing solutions

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